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Low Back Pain And Piriformis Syndrome

Your Lower Back Pain Or Sciatica Might Actually Be Piriformis Syndrome If the piriformis is contracted it can compress the sciatic nerve, thus causing what is described as “shooting leg pain.” Often, those who are diagnosed with sciatica actually have piriformis syndrome. Sure their X-rays may show some disc herniation, and the doctors will tell the patient that is the cause and recommend surgery. But this is not necessarily the case. Watch this video to learn how I test and develop a customized program of stretching and range of motion exercises to help stretch the muscle and decrease spasm caused...

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Homocysteine – A Valuable Test That Is Not Done Enough

It is well known that inflammation plays a major role in all disease processes. Whether it is the cause or an effect of the disease, it is a factor to be dealt with for improvement to take place. There are several inflammatory markers that can be measured by blood tests. I’m continually surprised at how few times any of them are tested for, but there is one in particular that I feel should be part of routine testing. Because elevated levels are associated with several health problems commonly affecting Americans, homocysteine should be tested on everyone. The fact that...

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