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Ross' Story

My son Ross is autistic. He has a very hard time communicating pain, discomfort and emotions. At the age of 26, he started to have diarrhea and sleepless nights. This continued over a 5 month period. Ross lost 45 lbs., was emaciated, had sleep deprivation, and at times out of control. It appeared as though Ross was slowing dying.

My Husband and I took him to three doctors. The first doctor said he has stomach ulcers and prescribed Prilosec and antibiotics. When Ross was given the Prilosec, he went into anaphylactic shock at the kitchen table and was worse than ever. The second doctor said he did not know what wrong with Ross and send us to a specialist. This specialist (third doctor), did a colonoscopy and reported that Ross had antibiotic induced colitis. (Ross had many, many treatments of antibiotic since he was 14 months old). He also went on to say that the brain and the colon are connected and he felt that Ross’ colon was also reacting to his autism causing much of the problem… He went on to say that Ross would not get much better and I should consider putting him in a home. On top of that he prescribed ANOTHER antibiotic. We were stunned! We had now seen three doctors which offered no solution or hope.

Through a recommendation of my best friend, we drove to Southern California to see a very well known Chinese doctor of herbal medicine… After he evaluated Ross he said that his condition was caused by Candida. He said that in China they did not have this problem. He said he could not treat him and recommended we find a doctor that treats Candida. Again no hope. Where do we go?  Why does my son have Candida? What is happening?

Then through a chain of events, we found Dr. Crawford. At this point we were exhausted, very scared and hopeless. Ross was worse than ever. Dr. Crawford evaluated Ross and said, “Ross, I know that you are feeling bad now, but you are going to get better and be well.” When Dr. Crawford said the words, I felt as though someone has just breathed life into me. I had hope for the first time in months. I will never forget that first visit, this gave me strength to continue on. Dr. Crawford told us Ross had parasites and candida.

Dr. Crawford was very honest and said the treatment would take some time but Ross would be fine as long as we stay with the treatment… We followed his instructions to the letter.

Within 6 months Ross went from 135 lbs. to 175 lbs. His muscle tone came back, his whole countenance changed, his stools were normal, he was sleeping at night and he was happy. Ross has recovered.

The story doesn’t stop there but is a continuing one to this day. We continue seeing Dr. Crawford for other needs pertaining to Ross’ autism as well as general health. Ross is now 39 years old, 6 ft. 1 inch, weight 180 lbs. and is very healthy. Ross grew in height at the age of 32-35 years old by 4 inches… His medical doctor was amazed. He is much more alert, communicative, healthy, fun, loves people, looks them straight in the eyes, has become independent in his self-help skills, tells jokes and continues to get well to this day. Ross is overcoming autism.

Ross has not had a pharmaceutical drug for over 12 years until last year. He had 2 fatty tumors on his back which needed to be remove surgery under general anesthesia. That was the only time he had pharmaceutical drugs in 13 years. Whenever Ross has a problem, Dr. Crawford prescribes supplements that correct the problem.

We have a medical doctor. Dr. Lui, who supports our decision to use natural health alternatives and supplements from Dr. Crawford. through a wellness blood test we found Ross’ thyroid to be low and Dr. Lui told us to go to Dr. Crawford and treat as we have done in the past for other problems. We did and his thyroid has corrected naturally.

Though the beginning of this story was a nightmare, it turned out to become a blessing. What the experts thought was impossible for my son has become possible… We, as a family, are forever grateful to Dr. Crawford for his commitment to total wellness, his care and support, and for always giving us hope.

Intestinal Problems

“When it comes to intestinal health, Dr. Crawford helped save my life when regular doctors had no idea what to do with me. Dr. Crawford was able to get to the root of the problem and bring much needed relief. I would highly recommend him to those seeking to reverse or to prevent illness.

“Tamara Dorris, M.A. Author of “Get Well Now, How To Heal and Prevent Disease”

Excruciating Back Pain

I have trouble with three herniated discs located in my lower back. Every so often they flare up. I usually put up with the pain hoping it will go away. This last time it acted up I came in to see Dr. Crawford on the second day (instead of the second week.) On Monday I hurt my back, Monday night I could barely go to the rest room and had to crawl back to bed. Three days and three visits later I could stand erect, walk normally, and carry on with all my activities. I am usually down one to one and a half months. I have learned my lesson, I will come in right away from now on. Thank you sooo much Dr. Crawford.

Jerry Arch.

Health Care Professional

It is an honor for me to share with you my personal experience of Dr. Dennis Crawford. As a doctor, when I became seriously ill, I turned to mainstream medicine. To my surprise, nothing helped me regain my good health. On the contrary, I became sicker and sicker. Then a friend told me about Dr. Crawford. In a short time, he told me exactly what the root cause of my problem was and he gave me what I needed in order to get well. I have since sent many people to Dr. Crawford, and all have had similar very positive results. Take care of yourself. See Dr. Crawford today.

Dr. Kathy E. Acquistapace.

Crohn’s Disease

Dear concerned parents, In 1998, our son Eric was six years old and very ill. He complained of “tummy aches” constantly. He would eat nothing but sugary foods, screamed angrily at us in the evening and slept fitfully. Once he woke in the night screaming so loudly of gut pain that we rushed him to the emergency ward to no avail. Some months later he was lethargic and pale from having bloody diarrhea so frequently it wasn’t prudent to leave the house without several changes of clothing. He lost 10% of the weight of his already tiny body in one month. During a diagnostic exam, a pediatric gastroenterologist found ulcerations in Eric’s stomach and transverse colon which he called Crohn’s disease, an “incurable” condition. Eric’s health picture and our lives changed drastically a few weeks later when we found Dr. Dennis Crawford. Thanks to Dr. Crawford’s gentle and effective treatments and nutritional information, Eric soon began having normal bowel movements. In the first weeks, he regained his weight and began growing at a normal rate. A few months later we realized Eric’s angry outbursts were a thing of the past and he was sleeping better than he ever had. Today, Eric is affectionate and happy. He is also very energetic, loves school (and everything else in his life!), and has a voracious appetite for healthy foods. We never have so much as a complaint of a stomachache! When we watch Eric earn a new belt in karate, score points during a basketball game, or perform with his banjo band, we thank goodness for having found Dr. Crawford and a natural way of healing.

Sincerely Karen and John Baldauf

Brown Spider Bite

In 1991 I received what was believed to be a brown spider bite on my leg. Having been a registered nurse for over forty years I went to my regular hospital, as you would expect. After two years, five traditional doctors and several therapies were not successful in effecting a cure. By that time I had developed a very painful, very ugly, three-inch diameter open ulcerating wound. With the threat of major surgery looming as the only avenue left, I turned to Dr. Crawford, whose approach to treatment would be toward analyzing and correcting the whole body, not just the separate parts. It took several months, but in time my circulation improved, the toxins disappeared, and the wound healed. I have a rather large, unattractive scar (which looks to be getting better with time.) and… I still have my leg.

Patricia Stuart

Severe Concussion

February 1993 found me on Highway 49, upside down in my BMW after skidding like a hockey puck on black ice. I ended up with a severe concussion and plenty of bruises from not having my seat belt on. I needed medical attention but I wouldn’t see a doctor. I continued going to massage school in spite of my pain and dis as much as possible to heal myself. The owner of the school told me that I was out of balance and unfocused due to the car accident. He referred me to Dr. Dennis Crawford, a highly enlightened chiropractor.

Not knowing what kind of practice Dr. Crawford had or what he charged, I followed my intuitions and called the nest day. I told him about my concussion symptoms and other aches and pains. I asked him if he accepted insurance, but he didn’t.

I am blessed again as Dr. Crawford agreed to take my case and work through the insurance nightmare. Using non-traditional painless techniques and endless patience, Dr. Crawford got me back in balanced and refocused.

A year later, I was in another car accident and without blinking an eye, he helped me again. Because I believed in his methods and love his spirit, I referred him to many clients. His healing was superb, but the best gift that I could have asked for was his gift of friendship. I consider Dr. Crawford a true angel, he gives so wonderfully to people. He is truly services to others.

I believe in him so much, that my healing starts the moment I call to make an appointment to see him. From Countless Blessings by Jennifer Lynee Hatch

Hypothyroidism and Large Goiter

I am writing this letter for you to give to anyone who wants reassurance about your methods of wellness. The treatment and results who wants our daughter Elizabeth were nothing short of a miracle. We consulted around 6 doctors in General Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, Radiologists and more. We were told that there was absolutely no cure for Elizabeth’s hypothyroidism and large goiter. At sixteen she was to undergo radioactive therapy, surgery to remove her thyroid and a lifelong dependency on hormone replacement drugs with known side effects.

Desperately, we searched the internet, medical books and for any information on treatments for hypothyroidism. I kept asking at a local health food center if they knew of anyone who had overcome hypothyroidism and a week later they gave me two names of people who had been cured. They had one thing in common, you.

I was hopeful, but skeptical at first, but the following figures don’t lie…

4/23/01 TSH 57.12

5/10/01 TSH 20.62

5/25/01 TSH 15.20

6/14/01 TSH 7.54

7/3/01 TSH 4.06 (the last test was around 2.4, see Dr. Crawford for copies)

We’ll never be able to thank you enough for what you’ve done for our daughter, Elizabeth and we hope many others benefit from your knowledge and experience.

Teresa Young

Unexplained Infertility

We have needed to write this letter for some time. We want anyone who is interested in Dr. Crawford to know he has helped our family in numerous ways.

We first visited Dr. Crawford because, after 3 years of trying to get pregnant ans numerous test, Angela was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”  and was told to ” just keep trying”. Dr. Crawford immediately found some things that needed help in her health and two months later we were pregnant with Sarah!

A few years later, a check-up revealed that John had high blood sugar. He had two weeks to get it down to the normal range or he would be “grounded”  (John is a pilot). We immediately enlisted Dr. Crawford. At the nest check-up. John’s blood sugar was in the normal range and has been able to keep it there… no drugs or insulin involved.

When Sarah was 2 years old, she developed eczema. Her pediatrician said it was normal for kids, gave us a prescription cream and called it a day. The cream worked minimally, but we continued to use it for about a year… then we read the side effects for long terms use. We put the cream away. At the same time, she developed behavioral problems (we thought it was the terrible two’s) and the eczema got worse. Last spring, her symptoms “exploded”. Her stomach hurt, her skin became infected, and she started losing weight rapidly. We, again, went to Dr. Crawford. Sarah has a severe wheat allergy. Unfortunately, her digestive system was in such bad shape that just removing wheat from her diet was not helping her boy heal fast enough. Dr. Crawford  was able to determine exactly what enzymes and supplements she needed to help her body heal. She is now almost 5 years old, thriving, happy and growing!

We now go directly to Dr. Crawford for what ails us. He has never failed to help us and he has taken the mystery out of our health care. We had Dr. Crawford check out our son, Jhet, when he was only two days old. Fortunately, Jeth has only needed help with the occasional cold or runny diaper.

Dr. Crawford has been a wonderful blessing to our family!

Sincerely, The Cabigas Family. Yuba City, CA

Menstrual Cramps

Thank you for helping me with a problem I had suffered with for years. I had debilitating pain from menstrual cramps for 35 years, taking prescriptions and over the counter pills to help alleviate some of the pain. My sister told me you were into a more holistic approach and said you can help me with my problem. After seeing you and taking your advice on adding supplements to my diet I have a very little pain. The added benefit was that the mood swings that usually accompany my monthly cycles were gone. It is so refreshing to find someone with your experience and knowledge to help people solve medical conditions naturally, thank you. It feels great to be back in balance.

Carin B.

Ankle Painful

I came in to see you for a follow up visit and mentioned that my ankle had been painful for several weeks. You took a look, did some manipulations and wrapped it for me. It felt so much better after leaving your office but I was amazed that within just two days all the pain was gone.

Carin B.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP)

Six months shy of my thirtieth birthday, I was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP). ITP is a life threatening auto immune disease where antigens attach to the platelets in your blood. The spleen then destroys these platelets that are now considered foreign objects. This causes  low platelet count. (The effects of this disease are similar to leukemia and hemophilia.) After several months of medication, my platelet level remained low and my HMO wanted to remove my spleen. Not only would this render me immuno-compromised for the rest of my life, it was not a guaranteed fix of my problem. It was simply the next step of treatment. I was not comfortable with this. My spleen was just doing its job. It was at this point that I sought alternative treatment.

I began seeing Dr. Crawford to get to the roof of my problem-the antigens in my blood. He began testing my body to determine where the stress was and what was causing it. I began a regimen of herbs and diet to detoxify my body. My platelet count began rising. We continued for several months and found the root cause to be mold. My liver was toxic from working in a moldy classroom for three years. My spleen was stressed from working so hard, but it was healthy! Two years have passed. My platelet count remains normal. I have my spleen. I am healthy and I have Dr. Crawford to thank for it!

Allison Dampier, Sacramento, CA 

Chronic Ear Infection

It has been one year since I brought my daughter Sydney to see you. At that time she was just one year old and has been on antibiotics for more than six months straight for chronic  ear infections. During this time she was picking up many viruses including hand foot and mouth twice and an undiagnosed rash over her entire body. She was scheduled to have tubes put in her ears to help with the ear infections, which I was not in favor of.

Within 24 hours of you seeing her and treating her with herbal remedies she was a new child; happy, laughing again. It is sad that we actually commented on how great it was to hear her laughing again because it had been so long.

Sydney has not been on antibiotics since we brought her to you, she has not had one ear infection, or any other symptoms. In fact, her ENT has stated that she is no longer a candidate for tubes and hearing is normal!

Thank you for the care you gave her. We are so happy with the results.

Sincerely, Barbara Opfer.

Surgery Recovery

Two months ago today I had bunion surgery on both feet. With the help of Dr. Crawford, I was able to virtually eliminate any sense of pain or discomfort and I am now able to walk normally and fit into my regular shoe size  – all in half the expected recovery time.

My surgery was performed at kaiser. The procedure involved removing a piece of bone from both of my big toes and re-securing the remaining bones with a pin. I was told that full recovery from this type of surgery is expected to take four to six months, It was also suggested that I buy a pair of temporary shoes (one size bigger that my normal size), as it would probably be four months before I could fit into my regular shoes, due to swelling. In addition to the surgeon’s advice, I also spoke with several people who had undergone the same surgery. They all warned me to expect a lot of pain and swelling and a very long recovery period. I was NOT looking forward to this experience and had put off the surgery for many years.

Thankfully, I decided to take advantage of Dr. Crawford’s services (in conjunction with those of the surgeon) and none of the negative expectations I had been warned about were actually realized. A few weeks prior to the surgery, Dr. Crawford had me on a regimen of herbs to strengthen and balance my system. Then, immediately after the surgery, I began taking digestive enzymes to assist in the healing process. For the next 8 weeks, I saw Dr. Crawford once a week. In addition to the herbal support, Dr. Crawford employed a variety of methods to direct accelerated healing to my feet, including laser and sound treatments. Each time I left his office, my ability to walk comfortably improved dramatically. On the fifth week, the surgeon took x-rays of my feet and informed me that the bones has already fused together ( a process  which usually takes 8 weeks). In fact, he said there was no need for me to come back for any future post-op appointments! And, today, two months after my surgery, I was able to put on my tennis shoes and walk without pain!

I am extremely grateful for the help I have received from Dr. Crawford and would highly recommend him to anybody who is undergoing to a surgical procedure. I believe that Dr. Crawford provides a common sense. holistic approach to health support that is severely lacking in our modern HMO system.

With gratitude, Amy Edwards


I have seen Dr. Crawford for several months and am feeling better than I have in many decades. He has treated my fibromyalgia and ADD very effectively with his innovative diagnostic and remedial approaches to integrative health. Dr. Crawford diagnosed a virus compromising my limphatic system, as well as an intestinal bacterial infection, and cleared them both within several months.

My energy level increased as did my optimism regarding treatment for my other  fybromyalgia symptoms. Subsequently, he discerned and treated my ADD symptoms which were more subtle than the physical problems. I have experienced much more clarity in my cognitive functions than before my treatment.

Dr. Crawford has devised a highly effective diagnostic approach which combines classic kinesiology with his “body talk” method, resulting in very specific identification of energetic imbalances. Because fibromyalgia is a complex illness featuring many interrelated symptoms, this method is a particular significance.

The unique combination of structural chiropractic adjustments, internal treatment of disease organs, and diagnostic for optimal brain functioning represents genuine systemically integrated medical treatment. Dr. Crawford’s comprehensive approach to restoring health is the most advanced treatment I have found available.

I am very grateful for Dr. Crawford’s talents and training being available in Sacramento. We are fortunate to have him in our community as an extraordinary healer and physician.

Paula Chiarmonte

Immune and Lymphatic Systems

I had digestive problems that compromised both my immune and lymphatic systems. With Dr. Crawford’s help, my health has been restored on all levels – naturally. I have never felt better. Dr. Crawford is a natural born healer.

Susan Talerico


I came to Dr. Crawford because I had diarrhea for over 4 years and nothing seemed to help. After 4 visits with Dr. Crawford, the diarrhea stopped and I’m back to normal.

Troy Mullen

Abdominal and Chest Discomfort

I had a considerable abdominal and chest discomfort for over a month. I had blood tests, an EKG, and an ultrasound without any diagnostic or help. On my first visit to Dr. Crawford, he determined what the problem was and recommended some natural remedies. Within 48 hours I was felling 80% better. I was free of symptoms after 4 days, and the problem has not returned. To me it nothing short of a miracle.

Lori McElligott

Burning, Sharp Pains in Stomach Area

I am writing to you to express my deepest gratitude for the relief that you have given me. I had been living with this burning and sometimes sharp pain in the middle of my stomach for three years. Not only that, but the constant gas and belching were becoming unbearable. I had seem other doctors over this time, while living this pain, with not relief until now.

Soon after my first appointment with you, I felt better. As soon as I started taking the supplements the pain lessoned and within two weeks the pain was completely gone. I have found that in addition to relief of the stomach pain. I can now eat foods that I have been unable to eat, without discomfort, for most of my life. Also, I’ve noticed, I sleep now and very peaceful. I wake up feeling rested and I am more at ease through out my day. Everyday!

Dr. Crawford, I thank you tremendously for your sincere kindness, dedication and commitment to your work. I am very grateful!

Sincerely, Kelly Abrams.

Ankle Pain and Swelling

Thank you Dr. Crawford! I have not had any pain since you treated my ankle that had been sprained and continually injured for 3 years. Before my treatment I had pain and swelling, which greatlu impacted my jogging. Since my treatment I have been jogging for 2 months and the pain is gone! You are amazing!

Laurel Brushett