Dr. Dennis K. Crawford

dr-crawfordDr. Crawford has over 26 years of experience treating patients. Although he always wanted to be a doctor, it took a traumatic personal event to make that wish a reality. His search for answers to regain his own health sparked continual study and led to a complete formal education which included three degrees. Dr. Crawford went on to become certified in Botanical Medicine and Enzyme Therapeutics. He has also studied neurology, laser therapy, detoxification protocols, and other topics to help sick people get well.

Simply put, Dr. Crawford’s goal is to improve every patient, regardless of where each begins. This means finding the needs of each patient and filling those needs. Most want to know where the body is struggling and how to help it function more optimally. This is often called functional medicine, which differs from disease diagnosis. The approach mixes ancient wisdom with the latest in health research.

Dr. Crawford’s techniques show him where stress is in the body and the priorities for treatment. The best avenue to bring balance and healing may include structural corrections, the use of specific herbs, enzymes, supplements, or neurological corrections. Dr. Crawford’s patients travel long distances to get this valuable information.

Dr. Crawford’s new, long-awaited book, Turn Back the Clock: Seven Steps to More Youthful Living answers many frequently asked questions. It is informative, yet fun to read. The feedback on it has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have ordered multiple copies to give as gifts.

For more information about Dr. Crawford’s many informative DVDs and CDs click here. People have remarked that they are the most informative they have watched or heard. Many are actual live presentations to an audience. His free newsletter explores current topics, thought provoking, and sometimes controversial but never boring in sharp contrast to mainstream media