Dr. Crawford has advanced training in techniques to treat spinal and muscular conditions and can gently, effectively relieve pain. With techniques like Pain Neutralization, Core Stabilization, and Injury Rehabilitation, he commonly treats problems which include:
1. Back pain
2. Neck pain and limited motion
3. Shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle problems

Natural Medicine
Dr. Crawford is certified in Botanical (Herbal) Medicine from the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy and Enzyme Therapeutics from the Loomis Institute. His unique, non-invasive exams use gentle touch to detect where the body is stressed. Once found, he will recommend an appropriate remedy to neutralize your stress and allow your body to recover. His approach respects each patient’s individual needs and is the polar opposite of “one size fits all” medicine. He commonly sees the following conditions:
1. Digestive concerns
2. Gastric reflux
3. Irritable bowel issues
4. Fatigue
5. Abnormal lab findings
6. Hypertension

Neurological Complaints
Dr. Crawford has taken several advanced courses dealing with neurological issues, including Quantum Neurology classes, which treat nervous system issues that are not related to a disease. He routinely provides support with cranial nerve rehabilitation, autonomic nervous system corrections, and a particular focus on balance problems.