Tamara Dorris, MA, CHT, author, professor, coach

Not only was Dr. Crawford VERY instrumental in my own healing (when doctors said it wasn’t possible), I also know more than a handful of people who have had life-changing results by working with him. I recommend him so highly, that I had him write the forward to my health book–especially because his help in my own health was the catalyst for it.


Barbara Stevens

For over a year I was in and out of the hospital. I was sick. I was scared. I had nowhere to turn. The “traditional” doctors knew something was terribly wrong, but couldn’t figure it out. Fortunately for me, I was introduced to Dr. Crawford. Within the first few visits, he knew what was wrong. He knew why I was sick and how to help. After two weeks, I started seeing improvement in my health. Within one year I was completely healed! It has now been over 15 years since my first appointment with Dr. Crawford. My children and husband have all seen him, as well. He continues to support and help our family like no other doctor ever has. He is compassionate, kind, and the best doctor we have ever known! Thank you Dr. Crawford!


Linnea W.

Our journey began 20 years ago. My son, Ross T. has autism and was extremely ill.  We had see many doctors offering no hope.  We then met Dr. Crawford who identified the problem of parasites and candida and above all gave us HOPE.  We followed Dr. Crawford’s protocol and Ross was completely free of parasites and candida in 6 months.  Ross has seen Dr. Crawford for the flu, gall bladder issues, alignment issues, brain functioning, and the list goes on. In fact, my son Ross grew 3 inches taller, his body gained good weight, and his shoe size went from 8.5 to 10.5 in his mid 30’s.  As Ross’ mom, I believe it is because of the Dr. Crawford’s techniques and supplements over the past 20 years that has helped Ross’ body to respond so well.  Dr. Crawford is not only extremely skilled in his profession, he is very compassionate, caring and truly a healer. Please read Dr. Crawford’s book Turn Back the Clock: Seven Steps to More Youthful Living.  It is very enlightening and life changing.

My husband, Bill W., was bleeding from his colon and had seen two doctors in our area.  After doing their prescribed therapies, he continued to bleed. The next step the doctor wanted to do was take out three (3) feet of his colon.  This was not acceptable.  Bill went to Dr. Crawford, who identified a virus in the colon causing inflammation and irritation that caused the bleeding.  Dr. Crawford suggested two supplements to get rid of the virus and to heal the colon.  Bill stopped bleeding completely after two (2) months.  Words can’t express what a relief this was and how grateful we are.