Ancient Hopi Indian teaching states that the day will come when right will be passed as wrong, wrong as right, good as bad, bad as good, etc. In other words, people will live in an upside down world. I’m not an expert on this topic, but it sure seems hopilike this prediction has come true. You can see it everywhere, but healthcare has to win the prize for giving out advice that is 180% out from what is many times the safest most rational, effective, and often the most economical course of action. An early teacher of mine used to say “If in doubt about what to do, look at what everybody else is doing and do the opposite.” His point is more valid today than it was thirty years ago. I see people blindly following the marketing ploys of questionable and sometimes potentially harmful therapies and totally avoid safe, natural remedies that have withstood the test of time.

What could cause the acceptance of something that is propagated to be other than what is true? Certainly a lack of knowledge in any area makes us all vulnerable, but the biggest motivator is fear. As one well known speaker stated recently “Fear makes people lose their minds to where they can no longer think straight.” Of course this has nothing to do with intelligence; however, preconceived beliefs do play a role. People will be inclined to go along with solutions that alleviate the feeling of fear, as misguided as it may be and without consideration of the detrimental effects it may have in the long run.

There exists a programmed fear when it comes to Vitamin A. We are told it is toxic, dangerous and you shouldn’t give it to your children. When I was in chiropractic college I remarked to a fellow student who had a classic sign of Vitamin A deficiency (tiny red bumps over the triceps area of the arm), that he needed to take Vitamin A. The instructor (who was also a nurse) overheard me and rushed over like I had just insulted her mother. “Don’t take that. That stuff is dangerous.” On one hand I felt foolish for saying something in an environment where my input was not welcome, but on the other hand, it was a great example of how successful the propaganda has been against natural remedies. If you continually bombard people with a common message, they eventually believe it.

Let me be clear that high doses of Vitamin A over a prolonged period of time can be toxic, just as too much of anything, including air and water, can be toxic. However, there has never been a death due to a Vitamin A overdose. You can’t say that about aspirin, which everybody is encouraged to take. We should be focusing on the amazing benefits of Vitamin A. It aids the immune system and has anti-viral capabilities. Some doctors routinely use high doses with adults to combat a viral flu for a short period of time. The only side effect is people get well fast. Vitamin A is also used for hormone synthesis in the body, aids vision (particularly night vision), and is good for the skin, lungs, and urinary tract. It helps with eczema and improves heavy menstrual bleeding. It can lessen the severity of measles in children by as much as 50%. It is estimated that Vitamin could prevent one to three million childhood deaths per year. Many of these children die from dysentery and immune suppression. Does this sound like something we should fear and stay away from?

This upside down thinking fits in with a disease care health system but is at odds with health and the prevention of disease. I encourage people to do some independent research regarding health issues, like the proper use of Vitamin A. Too many children’s lives are at stake not to take this seriously.