There is NOTHING good about having toxic heavy metals in the body.  Metals can affect virtually every system and organ negatively.  Some of the worst are mercury, aluminum, and lead.  These toxins are in the environment, food and in some cases being injected into people.  It is important to detoxify these metals as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Believe me, this problems is a major contributor to dis-ease in the U.S.


What are some of the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity?

  1. Chronic fatigue
  2. Inability to lose weight
  3. Anxieties and irritability
  4. Cold hands and feet
  5. Tremors
  6. Metallic taste
  7. Allergies
  8. Insomnia
  9. Depression
  10. Skin problems
  11. Disoriented
  12. Headaches
  13. Brain fog
  14. Night sweats
  15. Suppressed immunity


Metals compete with minerals.  If one had optimal mineral status they would be less likely to harbor the metal and eliminate it quickly.  Therein lies a big problem.  Hardly anybody has optimal minerals because minerals come from plants, which get them from the soil, and they just aren’t there anymore.  Commercial farming does not put minerals back into the soil.  The second big problem is that minerals require adequate stomach acid in order to be assimilated. Everybody is trying to block stomach acid with antacids and protonix when we should be doing the opposite.  A little Digestion 101; stomach acid is necessary to digest food, particularly proteins. Blocking acid may have an impact on symptoms but the main enzyme {pepsin} needed for digestion will not be liberated without enough acid and digestion will be impeded.  Here’s some of the metals causing health problems today:


  1. Mercury.

Mercury is the second most toxic element there is, behind radioactive plutonium.  There is NO safe dose of mercury.  Adding mercury to a petri dish causes cells to die.  Eating mercury is bad, but injecting it directly into the blood stream is worse.  This is still being done with some vaccines.  The public used to be told that there was only danger from high dose exposure.  That was not accurate.  Low dose chronic exposure has been shown to be extremely dangerous.  Keep in mind that these “experts” that say mercury is safe used to say radiation from above ground nuclear testing was actually good for you. Mercury is particularly harmful in the brain where it can actually destroy tissue.  It has long been associated with abnormal behavior, especially extreme irritability and anger.  Lesser symptoms might include personality changes, apathy, or impaired concentration.  The cardiovascular and immune systems are also commonly affected.


Some of the sources of mercury exposure include power plants, wild fires, dental amalgams, and vaccines.  Two of the mineral antagonists to mercury are zinc and selenium.  If one had good levels of these minerals they might be more likely to eliminate it rather than absorb it into the tissues.



Lead has been shown to be very harmful to the brain and nervous system with behavioral consequences.  It can block neurotransmitter production, particularly serotonin.  Low serotonin is strongly associated with violent behavior.  Lead actually lowers IQs and because it stimulates excitotoxicity, it can increase anxieties.  Several studies have shown that children with high levels of lead require more remedial education than do other children.  It is also a known cause of hypertension in adults.  It causes lipid peroxidation and can raise inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein (CRP) as well as homocysteine.


While lead has been removed from gasoline and paint, it is still found in dirt and dust.  A major source of lead is tap water.  Fluoridated water has at least twice the lead as nonfluoridated water.  Lead accumulates in bone and can cause bone deformities.  It can stay in bone a lifetime, but if bone is breaking down, it can cause the release of lead into circulation.


A single blood test for lead is a poor indicator for toxic levels.  It will only show acute, recent poisoning (as was the case in Flynt, Michigan).  It is important to isolate the source of lead and eliminate it.  A good place to start is to not drink fluoridated water.  Magnesium is one mineral displaced by lead and high dose magnesium therapy can be helpful in eliminating this menace.



Aluminum is primarily an industrialized nation’s problem.  It is found in many industrial and household products.  Aluminum cans and cookware are still abundantly available.  Since there is no safe level of aluminum, whenever it is found in the body it is considered toxic. Aluminum sulfate is used to treat municipal water systems and aluminum is an adjuvant in most vaccines.


Aluminum is a powerful brain toxin.  It appears to increase the concentration of iron within the cells which is free radical promoter. It is thought to be a major factor in Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  It has been shown to increase brain lipid peroxidation.  When it is ingested, it is absorbed easily and carried by transferrin.  Aluminum is also correlated with heart disease.  One large study showed aluminum workers had twice the risk for cardiac events as non workers. Low calcium and magnesium levels promote the uptake of aluminum.


With 10 percent of the population already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, you would think more attention would be paid to eliminating sources of aluminum, since it has been shown to promote neurofibrillary tangles (present in Alzheimer’s).  Alzheimer’s alone is on track to bankrupt our health care system, and that does not include Parkinson’s, ALS, and other dementias.  The fact that most antiperspirants still contain aluminum shows this issue is not being taken seriously.



Don’t leave your health to chance. Get your toxic heavy metal levels checked with a simple hair analysis.  It is inexpensive and invaluable.  This test will also show your mineral status.  Call my office at 916-962-3101 for details.  Everyone should do this test!


Dr. Dennis K. Crawford