Diabetes Is Not the Sniffles
Presented by Dr. Dennis K. Crawford

Pandemic Child at Doctor

But don’t tell anyone. In this upside down world, this is one of those topics that are taboo to talk about, even if it is true. It is certain to get one censored or banned on social media, the masters of information control. However, it is urgent and pretending it is not is to be in denial. We must see things as they are, not as we wish they were or as some conflicted “expert” tells us they are. The fact is CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES ARE THE SICKEST CHILDREN OF ALL THE INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES. 

Here are some facts that were compiled by The Children’s Health Defense organization:

  1. The U.S. is #1 in infant mortality (more than the other 29 countries combined.
  2. One in six children now have a developmental delay.
  3. 54% of children have a chronic degenerative disease (a 10 year old  statistic. Probably 70% now.)
  4. We have an epidemic of auto-immune diseases. These were rare before 1990.
  5. We have an epidemic of autism. Reported to be 1 in 32.
  6. We have a cancer epidemic. Cancer is the biggest disease killer of children.
  7. Special education classes are getting larger as regular classes are getting smaller. Up to 25% SE in some schools.
  8. U.S. children are 70% more likely to die before adulthood than other industrialized countries. 
  9. Seizure disorders have increased dramatically.
  10. This is the first generation not expected to live as long as their parents.

All of this in spite of being the most vaccinated kids on the planet. Obviously, something isn’t working. Asking questions is not allowed which signals to me something very nefarious is going on. At the very least, our bureaucracies are failing us. Not one is really looking out for the children. The FDA operates as an arm of the pharmaceutical industry, the CDC actually is in the vaccine business, buying and selling vaccines, etc. Worse, they are the ones many times disseminating untruthful information. For example, they love to use the term “safe and effective” when in fact there’s very little to back up that statement. The American Academy of Pediatrics only gives recommendations for children who are obviously not sick. Nothing for ill children. Their journal actually ran an article some time ago stating small amounts of mercury were actually good for the child. This is insane. It almost appears as if they are promoting disease. This is considered a scientific journal by the way. Mercury is the second most toxic substance known to man. Put a drop of mercury in a petri dish and all the cells die. Incredibly, it is still in some of the vaccines. The “safe and effective” mantra is still being used untruthfully many times a day on the radio to promote the Covid vaccines. The government is doing the marketing for these giant drug companies. Many believe they are one and the same.

Autism alone will be the downfall of the country. With 1 in 32 children being affected (and getting worse every year), we are losing a huge part of our population who will not be able to function normally. In the 1970s the rate was 1 in 10,000. What’s happening? You would think everyone would be scrambling for answers. Not at all. It’s like the news reporter calling the protests peaceful as a big building is burning to the ground right behind him. Everyone now knows at least one family who has an autistic child but don’t believe your eyes. Additionally, the expense to care for these children will exceed the defense budget in five years. It will break the country financially. I highly recommend JB Handley’s books on this topic; How To End The Autism Epidemic and Underestimated. 

Am I saying vaccines are the sole reason for autism? No, but there is no question they play a role. To deny that is just not facing reality. Talk to any parent of an autistic child and the story is the same. Their child was developing normally until shots were administered and they changed, sometimes almost immediately. The effectiveness of the vaccines can be debated but an inconvenient truth is they are extremely toxic to the body. Using toxins to get healthy may not be the best way to go in my opinion. Would you get on a plane if you knew it had a 1 in 32 chance of crashing? Would you take the same risk with your child if you were told the truth? Why is the truth suppressed? I hate to say it but it’s true, follow the money. Most commercials on television are not soap products, they are drugs and are a huge revenue source and along with that comes influence.

The health of the mother also plays a big role in children’s health. For example, if the mother has a lot of mercury (or other toxins) in her system her body will dump some of it in the fetus so the baby is born toxic, which could spell disaster when they get shots that contain more of these toxins. Certain medicines, like Tylenol, taken while pregnant, can get into the fetus and contribute to making the child more susceptible to having a severe adverse reaction to vaccines later on. What does this say about encouraging pregnant women to get flu shots and to take drugs while pregnant? Newborn infants have tested positive for almost 300 different chemicals and pesticides. Toxicity is the major obstacle to the health of our children (adults as well). While drugs definitely have their place and help to save lives, the fact that the U.S. uses 65% of all prescription drugs used in the world says we are an overmedicated society. Our dismal health statistics do not show that more drugs equal better health.

The Standard American Diet contributes to disease. It is mostly processed and too high in nutrient robbing substances like sugar. Besides being too high in refined carbohydrates, it bewilders me that so many chemicals are allowed to be used in our food supply. Some of these are neurotoxic and probably carcinogenic. Do you think agitating brain nerves may have an effect on behavior as well? Why are artificial flavors that were developed in Nazi Germany chemical warfare labs still being used in our food supply? Again, where’s the government agency that’s protecting the public? Sadly, that agency doesn’t exist. I’ve heard people say that if it was that bad they wouldn’t be allowed to use it. That’s fantasyland thinking. A book I highly recommend is The Hacking of the American Mind by Dr. Lustig. This book does a masterful job of explaining the marketing tactics used to get people addicted to unhealthy food products. Unfortunately, these tactics have, and continue to be, very successful.

This newsletter could easily be ten times longer, but my main goal is to emphasize the point that our children are sick and nothing is being done. Taking care of a sick child alters the parents’ lives permanently. Having the majority of our children sick and low functioning also alters our country permanently. But don’t tell anyone.