We live in a toxic world. While much of our exposure to unhealthy, toxic substances is unavoidable, much of our overall exposure is due to the choices we make. Awareness is the first step in dealing with what has been called the biggest threat to toxicour health today. The next step is what action can we take to help our bodies eliminate as much of these toxins as possible? I’ll touch more on that in this month’s Health Tip.

Most are purposely putting more of a toxic burden in their bodies that may contribute to fatigue, disease, and everything in between. If toxicity resides in the brain, it might become Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, or simply dementia. If it resides in an organ, it can disrupt normal function and perhaps lead to disease. If it resides in the nervous system, some neurological diagnosis may be a result, such as Multiple Sclerosis. It is estimated over 90% of all cancers have a toxic cause. Even our obesity epidemic can be blamed in part on toxicity since the body uses fat cell to store toxins. Regardless of caloric intake, the body will manufacture fat cells if needed to warehouse residing toxins.

The first step to avoiding these dangers is to become aware of their sources. Here’s a partial list:
1. Chemicals in the food supply. There are thousands of chemicals that are legally added to the food supply. It’s incredible with all the laws and regulations that it is legal to put these non-food chemicals in food. Some of the most widely used are known carcinogens and most have NO health benefit. Artificial colorings were developed in Nazi Germany. Do you believe that was done for the health benefit of Americans? Why our government imported them and allowed their use is a story for another day, but they have nothing positive to contribute to health enhancement. MSG and artificial sugars are called excitotoxins because they literally can excite brain cells to death. Over 100 million pounds of MSG is added to the mostly fast food supply every year. Preservatives are added for shelf life of the food, not for sustaining your life. Eating foods with a long shelf life will shorten your life.
2. Toxic cleaning chemicals in the home. The average home has 62 toxic cleaning chemicals in it. These are all unnecessary as safer alternatives are available. Air sample studies have shown that the inside air quality of most homes is more toxic than outside air samples. This is one reason why. The EPA does not consider inside the home as part of the environment so does not regulate it.
3. Drugs, whether they are legal or illegal, are toxic. The average American is on something and the number rises with age. At 65 most Americans are taking an average of six prescriptions. Some drugs are so toxic that women of child bearing age are told NOT TO TOUCH THE TABLET. Can you imagine what it does inside your body? While there is a time and place for everything I think it is wise to only take drugs when absolutely necessary. Also, if you are currently taking medications, only reduce drug intake under the care of your doctor.
4. Vaccinations. While the efficacy of shots is a debatable button pusher, they do contain many toxic substances including heavy metals. These substances have no benefit to health. Yes, you do get an immune response by taking them, but it is not the same as a natural immune response to the actual illness. It is an artificially induced response to a toxic assault. American children are the most vaccinated in the world. They now receive 68 shots by the time they are 18 years old, not including flu shots and whatever the yearly scare is. If that was the key to health we should have the healthiest children in the world, right? Wrong, we don’t.
5. Pesticides and Insecticides. Again, many of these chemicals were developed in Nazi Germany. They poison the nervous system. Using them at all is risky, but using insecticides inside your home is the riskiest of all, increasing your risk of such diseases as Parkinson’s. We have to question the wisdom of spraying whole neighborhoods with a restricted pesticide to kill some mosquitoes. Personally, I’d rather take my chances with the mosquitoes.

With awareness you can begin dealing with today’s biggest health threat. See this month’s Health Tip below for some action steps you can take to help your body eliminate some of these health destroyers.

Dedicated to Your Improvement,

Dr. Dennis K. Crawford


One of my favorite nutrients for detoxification is LIPOIC ACID. Here’s a partial list of what it can help with:
 It helps eliminate heavy metals like mercury from the body
 Because it crosses the blood brain barrier, it helps detoxify the brain as well
 It rejuvenates and repairs the liver and other organs
 It helps prevent macular degeneration of the eyes
 It is also a constituent of the body’s energy producing Citric Acid Cycle, so it helps to eliminate fatigue.
 It has a positive effect on blood sugar balance
 It helps raise glutathione levels. Glutathione is the most potent cellular anti-oxidant. Remember this; THE HIGHER YOUR GLUTATHIONE LEVEL IS, THE HEALTHIER YOU ARE.

Lipoic acid is available in 100 or 300 mg. capsules. I usually recommend starting with one 300 mg. capsule taken 3X per day for a month or two and then go to the 100 mg. capsule take 3X per day. All can be ordered from Natural Dispensary at 1-877- 628-3477. Use PIN#ITI5900.