This topic is extremely important as the majority of Americans suffer from a chronic illness. In almost thirty years of clinical practice, I’ve determined there are certain truths that apply that are necessary to recover health. I see my share of musculo-skeletal complaints and I enjoy helping to resolve those issues. Knee and shoulder problems happen to be the majority of these cases. Chronic illness however, is a different ball game. It takes a focused, systematic approach to turn illness around.

The medical system is the best at saving lives. Emergency intervention is its specialty, and there is no better place to be when that is needed. When it comes to treating chronic disease, however, it doesn’t do very well. I believe this is so because the focus is on treating symptoms rather than causes. Obviously that approach can still be helpful, especially if the symptoms are life threatening, but it will not resolve the illness.

There are seven things that must be addressed to stop the progression of chronic disease and to allow healing to occur:

1. Infections must be negated.
This is more common of a problem than most people realize. You don’t have to be acutely ill with a fever to be harboring an infection. It is possible to have too much bad bacteria, yeast and fungus, viruses, parasites, etc. In fact, most chronically ill people do have one or more of these in their bodies. The treatment must be specific for each individual.

2. Anxieties must be addressed.
People with high anxieties do not heal. The late Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez would not accept cancer patients at his clinic if they had severe anxiety because he knew he couldn’t help them.

3. The stressed organs must be supported.
In my analysis of a patient I’m looking for where the body is struggling. Once found then the appropriate remedy that negates the stress is utilized. This could be an herb, vitamin, glandular, etc.

4. Toxins must be eliminated.
With many chronically ill people toxicity is the root cause of their illness and it is rarely tested for. Inflammation is always present but that could be a response to the toxins. Heavy metals, pesticides, food additives, etc. We are all continually bombarded with toxins. Babies are born with over two hundred toxins already in their bodies. They are then subjected to toxic vaccinations starting the first day of life. I believe detoxing should be done daily using foods and other aids like chlorella and spirulina. Exercise and infrared saunas are also valuable.

5. The gut must be healed.
Most sick people have sick intestines. The hyper permeable small intestines must be healed or it can actually leak. This leakage is a major source of inflammation and immune system stress. Many auto-immune patients are tremendously better when the gut is healed.

6. The autonomic nervous system needs to be in balance.
The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems need to be in balance. Ill people are usually dominate one way or the other. This can be helped with neurological corrections, diet, exercises, color therapy, etc.

7. Diet and digestion must support healing.
Often what is most important is for the patient to stop consuming negative, pro-inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, and processed foods that rob the body of valuable nutrients. Diet should be individually tailored but always as natural and organic as possible. As good as the diet may be, if it is not digested it is of little value. For example, what if someone can’t digest fats and oils and they are using a lot of olive oil? They not only will not get the benefit they may find themselves with a gall bladder attack. The answer is to use the appropriate digestive enzymes with each meal.

This is an abbreviated version of the main issues that need to be addressed with chronically ill patients. These topics will be elaborated on in future newsletters.

Dr. Dennis K. Crawford


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