The Best Advice You Never Hear
Presented by Dr. Dennis K. Crawford

“Eat your food as your medicines otherwise you’ll have to eat your medicines as your food.” Steve Jobs

While some of the advice being given during the current pandemic makes sense for some high risk people (like social isolation), it is not necessarily the best advice for most people.  Current strategies are based on the model that there is this dangerous unseen enemy that would like to get you so try and hide from it the best you can.  That is, until a massive undertaking of a medical intervention is unleashed to “save” everyone. This approach is negative and disempowering.  I suggest an offensive approach that is more positive and empowering.

The best advice you’ll never hear (at least on the television news) is rather than fear the enemy virus, focus instead on strengthening your own immune system which will protect you from getting ill, and if you do get ill, the symptoms will be much milder.  Your immune system is designed to keep you well.  We can only get sick if there is a weakness or dysfunction in it.  Why aren’t you being told this?  Most of the people giving advice have a vested interest in a pharmaceutical solution, therefore there is no interest in giving good health advice (assuming they would even know what that was).

The U.S. has had dismal health statistics long before this current pandemic.  We lead the industrialized world in chronic degenerative diseases and are way down the list for longevity.  If a deficient immune system isn’t directly the cause of a chronic disease, it certainly is impacted by it.  Diabetes is a good example of that and currently we have about half the population with either diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Other factors that negatively affect our immune system include:  Aging, drugs, fatigue, bad diet, nutritional deficiencies, lack of good gut flora, chronic stress, etc.

Each of these could be a lengthy discussion, but I’ll focus on a couple.  People in the U.S. use more drugs than in any other country.  In addition, they use more as they get older, compounding the age factor.  Also, the Standard American Diet does not promote health.  Quite the opposite is true.  It is much too high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, bad fats, and processed foods.  All lead to nutritional deficiencies and all have a negative impact on the immune system.

What advice might be more helpful than hide indoors?  For starters, eat for health.  Real unprocessed food with ZERO sugar is a must. Sugar paralyzes the immune system and promotes the growth of Candida, which also affects immunity.  Get adequate rest and sunlight when you can.  Take drugs only when absolutely necessary for as short of time as possible (with the guidance of your doctor).  In addition, there are certain nutrients that are fuel for the immune system.  Here is a partial list of some very important ones:

Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Mushrooms  (Reishi,  Maitake, Shiitake, and Chaga are a few)

I rarely see Vitamin D levels in the optimal range (different than normal ranges) when analyzing blood tests.  It is known that mortality from all causes drop when levels are optimal.  Vitamin A comes from dark leafy green vegetables.  Very few people eat enough of these.  Vitamin A is very helpful in combating viruses.  When children get measles, for example, and take Vitamin A symptoms are milder and shorter in duration.  Using high doses of Vitamin A for two or three days in adults helps to put the fire out quickly.  Vitamin C has been shown to be extremely valuable for sick people.  Some doctors recommend taking every 30 minutes or hour to bowel tolerance to defeat an infection.  Mushrooms are great boosters of the immune system and can be helpful both at the first signs of illness and also when an infection has become more severe to help the thymus gland produce natural killer cells.

There are several herbs that have proven to be beneficial in combating viruses.  While mainstream news usually says there is no proof of their efficacy, clinicians that have experience with them know they do have value.  Some of these remedies have been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world, and also were commonly used in the U.S. before pharmaceuticals become the norm.  This is a partial list:

Cat’s Claw

The point is there is much people can do to help themselves stay healthy but since the media is complicit in steering people away from this information, it is imperative that we all take an active interest in our health, especially now.