BY Dr. Dennis K. Crawford

Many people are suffering from a variety of symptoms where the actual cause has never been determined. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the case with the majority of people. Fatigue and pain lead the symptom list, but unexplained fevers, chills, numbness, headaches, etc. are not uncommon. Unless there is an obvious pathology, symptom relief with prescription drugs is usually recommended. We now have up to 80 million Americans with an auto-immune disorder, for example, which may manifest every symptom imaginable, but again the treatments rendered are aimed at symptom relief with the hope of keeping the disease in remission (assuming the disease was diagnosed in the first place). I’m going to suggest that the cause could be an infection that has gone undetected, and appropriate testing was never done in most cases.

A personal story: I first became interested in this possibility through my own personal health issues. Several years ago I was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness, mostly in the hip and sacrum areas. I had injured a hip in high school playing football which caused me pain, but this was different. There was constant aching on both sides which made it difficult to sleep, and movement was becoming increasingly difficult. Eventually, walking was a major chore. Over time I saw a variety of doctors and was usually told it was severe arthritis. Natural anti-inflammatories did not seem to be very effective.

After a couple of years someone recommended a doctor who was proficient at analyzing blood via dark field microscopy. He wanted to know nothing about my history as he believed the blood would tell all. I don’t think he looked at the blood for a minute when he asked “how’s your joints”? He showed me something in the blood that he said was a bacteria that erodes the joints. Shortly after that I saw a brilliant orthopedic doctor in Mexico and he confirmed the finding very quickly. What’s interesting is that it has been known for many years that there is an association between certain bacteria (specifically Klebsiella pneumoniae) and Ankylosing Spondylitis, an auto-immune disease that erodes joints and the spine. The doctor in Mexico showed me on the x-rays I brought how obvious it was, yet I found it incredible that not one of the doctors I had visited over the years had seen it. My point is that they are not looking for it, therefore it will not be found. Most doctors have not had even one class in auto-immune diseases, but even if they had, standard medical protocols do not consider infection when treating most symptoms.

Recently I was pleased to see a popular health newsletter (Nutrition & Healing) cover this topic in two issues. One article focused on infection as the cause of arthritis. A shocking fact is that this association was shown as early as 1939, when a doctor isolated a bacteria in the joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Incredibly, almost 80 years later, that research has not been assimilated into medical practice. Why? At the same time this research was done the drug cortisone was invented with the primary purpose to treat pain. While cortisone can alleviate pain it would not eliminate infection if present and it has a long list of undesirable side effects. Cortisone is still the most common arthritis treatment rendered.

The second article dealt with infection causing high blood pressure. Hypertension affects 100 million Americans. While there are many causes of high blood pressure, they are rarely looked for. Patients are put on hypertensive drugs and told to stay on them indefinitely. Does that approach fix the problem? Of course not. Recent research out of Israel has found an association between a viral infection (Cytomegalovirus or CMV) and high blood pressure. This virus has already been shown to be a cause of auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, and neurological symptoms.

Since hidden infections are so common why aren’t they being tested for? A new mindset is needed as what is being done does not work to resolve the problems. It’s amazing to me that it takes a typical lupus patient over six years to get a diagnosis, and when they do the rheumatologist will seldom test for infection. I assume now that every patient has an auto-immune process going on unless shown otherwise. I can tell you that treating hidden infections has brought about positive results to many people who have been suffering for years and most have never even been diagnosed correctly much less treated appropriately. Sometimes the results have been astonishing. I have seen chronic headaches, even migraines disappear after treating for viruses. Unexplained fatigue, severe fluid retention and everything in between also has been resolved.

Why aren’t these infections being tested for? I had an interesting conversation with a medical doctor recently where I was telling him of the association between certain viruses and auto-immune disease, especially Multiple Sclerosis (something he had not heard about). I was specifically asking if he would run a viral panel blood test on a patient. He balked. His response was there are so many viruses you can’t test for them all. A valid point, however a viral panel would look at several of the major viruses and I replied I thought it was still very much worth doing. His response was that even if something showed positive there was nothing that could be done about it. Wow! This is the consequence of a pharmaceutically run medical system, starting with the education, which they control. This belief is not universal. Several years ago there was a viral encephalitis epidemic in Beijing that was halted by the distribution of a Chinese herb that has anti-viral properties. There are several excellent botanicals that have a proven track record of helping to eradicate viruses.

If you are suffering from an auto-immune process, unexplained headaches, fever, pain, fatigue, etc., consider the possibility of a hidden infection. It is not a rare occurrence.

Crawford Natural Health Center