I’m always interested in finding effective therapies that might not be widely known.  If they are inexpensive, all the better.  Here’s a good one, color therapy.  In a highly technical world, most gravitate toward the complex.  That’s fine, but the focus on smaller details can at times lead us away from the bigger, more important picture.  Eventually we learn more and more about less and less until eventually we learn everything there is about nothing.

Everything is vibration and frequency. Each element in the universe gives off a corresponding color wave.  Basically, everything on the red side of the spectrum is stimulating and on the blue side is sedative.  Colors can be fine tuned to give the exact shade necessary.  While color therapy may not replace medical intervention, it can safely be used independently or adjunctively.

colortfbThere is photographic proof of the effectiveness of color therapy cone by the researcher Dinshah Ghadiali.  His reward for his tireless efforts was to reap the wrath of the beaurocratic and judicial systems.  He was forced to destroy his books, the post office wouldn’t deliver any of his products and his color projection system banned.  I look at the amount of force used against him as an indication as to how effective his treatments were.  This kind of tyranny is all too common when it comes to natural, effective treatments.

Some examples of using color therapy are:

Red:  to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, enhance circulation, increase platelets.

Orange:  tonify the lungs and thyroid, decrease muscle cramps.

Yellow:  Helps lymphatic drainage, anti-parasite,

Blue:  Sedative, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, decreases fevers and inflammation.

Purple:  Enhances sleep and relaxation, decreases blood pressure, increases venous function.

Color therapy requires a little time.  A minimum of an hour a day is recommended.  I encourage you to explore this proven method of natural healing.  Color filters may be ordered from Productsondemand.com.

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